Why Analyst Expects NFL Success for Blake Corum

March 18, 2024

Athlete Studio

Blake Corum recently concluded an illustrious four-year stint at Michigan, showcasing his talents on the collegiate stage. As he transitions to the professional realm, Joel Klatt is optimistic about Corum's prospects, believing he has the potential for a successful career in the NFL.

During a recent episode of his show, Klatt designated Corum as the second-ranked running back in the 2024 NFL Draft, praising his performance at the combine and his impressive tape. However, Klatt also acknowledged the concerns surrounding Corum's workload, with 675 carries potentially taking a toll on his body compared to other draft prospects.

Nevertheless, Klatt emphasized Corum's leadership qualities and selflessness, highlighting his pivotal role in Michigan's undefeated season and national championship triumph. According to Klatt, Corum's character epitomizes the ethos of a team leader, making him a valuable asset in any locker room.

Beyond his intangible qualities, Klatt commended Corum's on-field prowess, citing his smooth running style, versatility, and exceptional vision as attributes that will serve him well in the NFL. Klatt believes that Corum's comprehensive skill set, coupled with his leadership qualities, will undoubtedly contribute to his success at the professional level.

In Klatt's estimation, Corum possesses the qualities of a consummate professional and predicts a bright future for him in the NFL. With his fluid running technique, receiving ability, and leadership qualities, Corum is poised to make a significant impact for his future team.

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