Blake Corum "Stronger Than Ever" in Preparation for Return

July 18, 2023

Athlete Studio

Last fall, the Michigan Wolverines witnessed the rise of a true football prodigy as running back Blake Corum etched his name in the team's record books. Corum's exceptional performance propelled his team to a flawless start to the season, igniting the hopes of Wolverine fans everywhere. However, a devastating Week 12 injury abruptly halted Corum's remarkable journey, leaving everyone wondering what could have been. Yet, as the new season approaches, Corum's triumphant return promises to be stronger than ever.

Michigan football fans vividly recall the chilling moment in the 2022 season when Blake Corum suffered an injury. Despite this setback, the Wolverines admirably triumphed over Illinois and Ohio State, securing the Big Ten title and a coveted spot in the CFP, all done without their star ball carrier.

As the 2023 season looms on the horizon, Michigan football stands poised to launch another assault on the playoffs and beyond. With Corum's knee fully healed, his confidence soars as he declares that he has never felt better or stronger in his career.

"To be honest, I'm feeling better than ever... This is the strongest I've ever been. Now, it's just the get-back. I think about it all the time, what that first, initial hit is going to be like," expressed Blake Corum, as reported by MLive. "A lot of guys go low, so just making sure everything supporting my knee is great. Like I said, I'm stronger than ever — my quads, my hamstring, my calves, shins — everything is strong enough to support and be durable."

Incredibly, despite only participating in 10.5 games last season, Blake Corum achieved nearly 1,500 rushing yards and an impressive 18 touchdowns. Now, with an enhanced offensive line, an elite supporting cast, and a renewed determination, the Maize and Blue are ready to conquer bigger and better challenges in the upcoming months.

The Wolverines have set their sights on greatness, and with Blake Corum's unwavering determination and remarkable recovery, Michigan football fans can expect nothing short of an extraordinary season. As the roar of the crowd and the thundering of cleats draw near, the Wolverines are ready to unleash their star running back, Blake Corum, onto the field, leaving opponents trembling in his wake.

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