Blake Corum Puts Big Ten on Notice

August 02, 2023

Athlete Studio

At Big Ten Media Days, Blake Corum made a statement that sent shockwaves through the college football world. Whether intentional or not, his words demanded attention. "I'm back and better than ever," Corum confidently declared, leaving no doubt that he is ready to dominate the upcoming season.

Despite enduring a knee injury against Illinois last season, Corum's performance was nothing short of exceptional. He rushed for an impressive 1,463 yards and recorded 18 touchdowns, earning him a place in the Heisman Trophy voting. Even with missing a couple of games towards the end, he still managed to finish seventh in the rankings. Now, fully recovered and even stronger, Corum is poised to build on his previous success.

Corum's dedication during the offseason is undeniable. He has relentlessly pushed himself to be in peak condition for fall camp. Recently, he experienced a significant breakthrough. "A couple of weeks ago, I felt my speed returning and then the burst," Corum revealed. "I knew I was heading in the right direction."

With fall camp just around the corner, Corum's primary focus is maintaining his health and returning to his top form. Fortunately, he is under the guidance of Mike Hart, a former high-level Michigan running back. Hart's expertise in managing pain, injuries, and maximizing a player's potential will undoubtedly benefit Corum's development.

"He knows how to manage reps and workload," Corum acknowledged. "I trust him completely. I'm entering camp with the mindset that I am fully healed. If they want me to participate in a hitting drill, I'm all in."

The return of Blake Corum is a game-changer for Michigan. If he truly is better than ever, opponents should be on high alert. Even if Corum needs to step off the field, the Wolverines have a formidable backup in Donovan Edwards. With a strong offensive line and a dynamic duo in the backfield, Michigan possesses one of the most potent rushing attacks in the country. Furthermore, the team's wide receivers and tight ends are bursting with speed and talent, complemented by the exceptional skills of junior quarterback JJ McCarthy.

If back-to-back titles weren't enough to put the conference on notice, the resurgence of Blake Corum undoubtedly will. His return signals a new era of greatness for Michigan football. Prepare for a season filled with electrifying performances, record-breaking runs, and unforgettable moments, all led by the unstoppable force that is Blake Corum.

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