Blake Corum Post Game Stats & Recap 2023-2024

September 14, 2023

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Welcome to Blake Corum's post game stats & recaps, where we'll be following his production throughout the 2023 - 2024 season! Check back every week for updates on Blake Corum's post game stats!

Week 13:

In a thrilling matchup between two of the top 3 ranked teams in NCAA Football, #3 ranked Michigan came out on top 30-24 over #2 ranked Ohio State.

Blake Corum added 88 yards on 22 carries for 2 rushing touchdowns in the game. Michigan's rushing attack took the spotlight yet again with their running backs tallying 39 total carries vs 17 pass attempts in this game. Michigan handed Ohio State their first loss of the season, and will look to stay undefeated against Iowa in the ACC Championship next week. 

Week 12:

Blake Corum had 28 carries for 94 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns as Michigan defeated Maryland 31-24. 

In yet another game where Michigan dominated on the ground, both Corum and running back mate Donovan Edwards combined for 39 of 45 total carries. Michigan remained perfect in the 2023 regular season with a record of 11-0. They'll look to finish out their perfect season against #2 ranked Ohio State in one of the most highly anticipated games of the year.

Week 11:

In a 24-15 win against Penn State, Blake Corum and Michigan clutched a win against their first ranked opponent this season. Corum had his best game of the season, ending the game with 26 carries for 145 total yards and 2 touchdowns while averaging 5.6 yards per carry. 

Week 10:

In a blowout, Michigan obliterated Purdue 41-13 in a game that never seemed close. Blake Corum added 44 yards on 15 carries and 3 rushing touchdowns. The 3 rushing touchdowns adds to Corum's touchdown total for the season, bringing in 16 total rushing touchdowns in 2023. 

Week 9: BYE WEEK

Week 8:

Blake Corum rushed 15 times for 59 total yards and 1 touchdown in a 49-0 shutout of the Michigan State Spartans

In a cross Michigan battle, the Wolverines came out on top 49-0, shutting out the Spartans and showcasing why they're the cream of the crop in the NCAA at the moment. Blake Corum and the Wolverines continued their dominance on the ground and Corum's shown that his injury is now long behind him. 

Week 7:

Blake Corum rushed 13 times for 52 total yards and 2 touchdowns in a 52-7 mollywhopping of the Indiana Hoosiers.

Blake Corum and the Michigan Wolverines continued their dominance on the ground, absolutely destroying the Indiana Hoosiers 52-7 in yet another lopsided game. The Wolverines continue to show that they're in a class all of their own this season, winning by double digits in every game so far. 

Week 6:

Statline: 9 CAR | 69 RUSH YARDS | 1 RUSH TD 

Blake Corum and the Michigan Wolverines routed the Minnesota Golden Gophers 52-10 in Week 6 of the NCAAF season. 

Corum in the route had 9 carries for 69 yards and a touchdown. The low number of carries for Corum accurately reflect how lopsided of a game this actually was, with the Wolverines offense running away with it by the end of the 3rd quarter. 

The Michigan Wolverines will move on to face Indiana in an conference matchup for week 7. Corum and the Wolverines will look to remain undefeated as long as possible as they head towards a potential NCAAF playoff berth.

Week 5:

Statline: 16 CAR | 74 RUSH YARDS | 1 RUSH TD 

Blake Corum helped the Michigan Wolverines secure a dominant 45-7 victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Corum showcased his versatility and skillset, contributing again to Michigan's dominant running game.

Corum displayed his prowess as a rusher. He carried the ball 16 times, gaining 74 rushing yards and finding the end zone for a touchdown. 

Looking ahead to Week 6, Corum and the Wolverines will face the Minnesota Golden Gophers. After his stellar performance in Week 5, Corum will undoubtedly be a key player to watch in this upcoming matchup. 

Week 4:

Statline: 21 CAR | 97 RUSH YARDS | 2 RUSH TD 

Blake Corum put on a show in week 4, leading the Michigan Wolverines to a dominant 31-7 victory over the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

Corum excelled in the ground game. He carried the ball 21 times, gaining a total of 97 rushing yards. Corum's speed, agility, and determination allowed him to find the end zone twice, registering 2 rushing touchdowns. Michigan's dominance in the run game allowed them to control the line of scrimmage and the game. The Wolverines would end with 40 rushing attempts vs 15 pass attempts, showcasing Corum's ability to find holes in the defense. Blake Corum now has 8 total touchdowns in just 4 games since coming back from his injury last season.

Looking ahead to week 5, the Michigan Wolverines will face a tough challenge against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Corum will undoubtedly be a key factor in their offensive strategy, as Michigan looks to continue their rushing attack against Nebraska.

Week 3:

Statline: 12 CAR | 101 RUSH YARDS | 2 RUSH TD 

Blake Corum had a standout performance in Week 3 as the Michigan Wolverines dominated the Bowling Green Falcons with a convincing 31-6 victory. Corum continued his dominance on the ground, rushing for 101 yards on 12 carries and finding the end zone twice.

Corum's contributions as a rusher were crucial to Michigan's success. He displayed impressive speed and agility, consistently finding gaps in the Falcons' defense and breaking tackles to extend plays. The Wolverines' coaching staff stuck with their rushing attack throughout most of the game, only calling 13 pass plays vs 31 rushing attempts.

Looking ahead to Week 4, Corum and the Wolverines will face a tough challenge against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. With every week, Corum has displayed that his injury from last season is long behind him and he'll look to continue his strong season against Rutgers.

Week 2:

Statline: 15 CAR | 80 RUSH YARDS | 3 RUSH TD | 2 REC | 23 REC YARDS

Blake Corum had an impressive performance in Week 2 as the Michigan Wolverines dominated the UNLV Rebels, winning with a score of 35-7. 

As a receiver, Corum had 2 receptions for 23 yards. On the ground, Corum carried the ball 15 times, gaining a total of 80 rushing yards. His impressive running ability was highlighted by his 3 rushing touchdowns, which played a pivotal role in securing the Wolverines' victory.

Looking forward to Week 3, Corum and the Wolverines will face off against the Bowling Green Falcons. 

Week 1:

Statline: 10 CAR | 73 RUSH YARDS | 1 RUSH TD | 3 REC | 5 REC YARDS

Blake Corum's comeback performance in Week 1 saw the Michigan Wolverines dominate the East Carolina Pirates with a final score of 30-3.

Corum, representing the Wolverines, showcased his versatility on the field. While he had a relatively quiet game in terms of receptions, with just 3 catches for 5 yards, he made a significant impact in the rushing game. Carrying the ball 10 times, Corum rushed for 73 yards and found the end zone for a rushing touchdown.

His ability to contribute in both the passing and rushing game adds a dynamic element to the Wolverines' offense. Corum's performance was instrumental in Michigan's victory and showcased his skill set as a well-rounded athlete.

Looking ahead, Corum and the Wolverines will face the UNLV Rebels in Week 2. After a strong showing in the season opener, Corum will be a player to watch as he looks to build upon his success and continue to make a significant impact for his team.

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