Blake Corum Endorses New NIL Program at Michigan

June 14, 2023

Athlete Studio

Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh has recently announced a new initiative for his players called M Power. The initiative provides resources and support for athletes to develop their personal brands and navigate business ventures through Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL).

According to Harbaugh, "We want to further our mission by expanding the tools, resources, and experiences required to help our players flourish throughout their lives. Our goal is to partner with our greatest supporters to help build, promote, and protect players personal brands."

One of the Michigan football players, Blake Corum, has expressed his support for M Power. He believes that the initiative will help athletes retire comfortably and avoid financial struggles. "Plenty of professional athletes are broke when they retire because they’re not smart with their money or haven’t been trained on how to invest wisely. With the resources and connections that Michigan football has provided me this far. And now with the launching of M Power, I’m setting myself up for life long after football," Corum said.

J.J. McCarthy, another Michigan football player, also praised the initiative. He stated that Michigan encourages its players to be their best both on and off the field. With M Power, McCarthy believes that he can maximize his potential off the field while still focusing on being the best teammate he can be.

Harbaugh and his coaching staff hope that M Power will help their players become the best versions of themselves both on and off the field. By providing resources and support for personal brand development and business ventures, Michigan football is taking a proactive approach to help their athletes succeed in all aspects of life.

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