Blake Corum Continues to Give Back for the Holidays

December 05, 2023

Athlete Studio

Blake Corum emerged as a major difference-maker for the Michigan Wolverines during the 2023 season. His outstanding performance on the field helped lead the team to an undefeated record, culminating with the Big Ten Championship and securing the No. 1 ranking ahead of the College Football Playoff.

In those 13 games, Corum showcased his exceptional skills by rushing for an impressive 1,028 yards and scoring an astounding 24 touchdowns. However, there is one number that holds the utmost significance for him – 600. This number represents the amount of turkeys that Corum selflessly distributed around the Ypsilanti area in Michigan during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Corum's unwavering commitment to his community was recognized when he was named the captain of the prestigious 2023 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team. When asked about this honor in a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Corum expressed his gratitude, saying, "To be the captain of the Allstate Good Works Team, it means a lot," Corum told Fox News Digital in a recent interview. "It’s truly an honor to be voted captain. Probably one of the best awards I’ve gotten. The captain of the Michigan football team, captain of the AFCA Good Works Team, it’s like which one’s better you know? It’s truly an honor to be a captain."

Among the 22 college football players selected for the AFCA Allstate Good Works Team, Corum stood out for his remarkable contributions to his community. Alongside players like Clemson's Will Shipley and Georgia's Ladd McConkey, Corum exemplifies the spirit of giving back that permeates the NCAA college football landscape. Even Maryland head coach Mike Locksley was recognized for his efforts.

After the announcement of the team, fans had the opportunity to choose the captain, and it was an easy decision. Corum's turkey drive and his involvement as a volunteer at the Community, Leadership and Revolution Academy solidified his place as a deserving captain. Furthermore, his plans to organize a toy drive at Somerset Mall on Dec. 9 demonstrate his ongoing dedication to making a difference.

Corum recognizes the blessings he has received and the opportunities he has been given. "It’s a blessing. I came to college wanting to make a difference and I just didn’t know how I was going to do it because you don’t need money to make a difference," he said. "All you need is a little time. I’ve been fortunate with NIL to be able to do it in multiple ways. I came to college at the right time." "I’ve been able to use my blessings from NIL to bless others. So, just being given the opportunity and the platform to try to change not only one, but multiple people’s lives has been very, very good and I will keep it going."

In the near future, Corum intends to establish his own foundation, further solidifying his commitment to improving the lives of others. With his impressive accomplishments both on and off the field, Blake Corum serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and individuals alike. His selflessness, dedication, and desire to make a difference are qualities that should be celebrated and emulated.

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